Special Project: Playscape and Community Garden Update

Way back in 2015, a small committee of students and teachers formed, wanting more from the outdoor environment surrounding the school. Barren and alkaline, the only opportunities students had to interact with nature was splashing in the puddles and running on the grass. 
A proposal was drawn up, and thanks to Canada Malting- Grain Corp, a $10 000 donation to the project was enough to kick start the redevelopment project with a land survey, as well as a concept and grading plan. With a vision in mind, fundraising and grant writing took off, with local efforts and community donors raising the $35000 to pay for the rough grading! 
In 2019, we broke ground, removing 6-10 inches of the clay on the east side of the grounds, bringing fertile topsoil (donated by Eskdale Acres) insuring appropriate drainage, and adding back a beloved hill! Crusher dust was brought in to create accessible pathways for future movement through the space. 
With the rough work completed, fundraising efforts continued, and our small school was blessed by the supportive community and generous donors. To date, we have also built garden boxes and bird houses in our PAA classes, run horticulture classes and gardening clubs, added indoor and outdoor gardens to our curriculum, harvested our produce to support the nutrition program, and most recently completed a $3000 tree & shrub project to add some biodiversity back into the space. 
Throughout the project, we have raised $70 000 dollars and spent roughly $50 000. Please see the attached detailed financial report outlining income, expenses, and of course giving credit to our amazing supporters!
Up next, we are looking to add some sun shelter and an outdoor classroom to the space -- stay tuned!
For more information on this project, please contact Miranda Wenc.