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Here you will find a list of ongoing and finished fundraising activities at Kelliher School. Fundraising is used to enhance learning experiences for our students. Thank you to everyone who supports our school!


2023-2024 School Year 


Terry Fox Run

Kelliher Students collected $348.65  in pledges to be donated to the Terry Fox Foundation. Thank you to all who fundraised for this worthy cause.  


Little Caesar's Pizza Fundraiser 

Our Little Caesar's Pizza Fundraiser raised $1326.00!  Proceeds from this fundraiser are going towards Extra Curricular Transportation Expenses.  


Breast Cancer Fundraiser 

Thank you to everyone for your generous support of our Breast Cancer Fundraiser. We raised $652.53 which was donated to the Allen Blair Cancer Centre. 


Book Fair

Thank you to everyone who supported our Scholastic Book Fair. Through your purchases, we earned $429.57 in free books!


Community Christmas Dinner

Kelliher Students worked hard in December to help prepare the whole school Community Christmas Dinner on December 14th. Through the sale of meal tickets to the community, we raised $831.85! These proceeds will go towards our Cooking Cobras, SLC and our Better Together whole school/community engagement activities. 


Candy Cane Lane

Kelliher Students and community showed their generosity in December by donating gently used items to the school so that students could purchase affordable gifts for their loved ones. Students made purchases by donation, with the minimum accepted donation being $0.25. Overall, $268.10 was raised for Better Together initiatives in the school. Thank you to everyone who donated items and gift wrap to this great cause. Students were excited to have this opportunity to show appreciation to their loved ones. 

2022-2023 School Year


Terry Fox Run

Kelliher Students collected $950.45 in pledges to be donated to the Terry Fox Foundation. Thank you to all who fundraised for this worthy cause.  


Little Caesar's Pizza Fundraiser

Our Little Caesar's Pizza Fundraiser made $1230.00. Proceeds from this fundraiser are going towards our Playscape and Community Garden Project. Rough Grading, Garden Boxes and our Tree project have been completed. Up next, we are looking to build a greenhouse and outdoor classroom! 


Grey Cup Pool

Students raised $937.50 by selling squares for their Grey Cup Pool! These funds will be used to support transportation and fees associated with Elementary year end trips! Thank you for your support. 


Scholastic Book Fair

Our Scholastic Book Fair was a huge success. Thank you for your purchases! Our total sales were $2607.86. We got over $700 worth of free books for our library.  


Candy Cane Lane

This year, the SLC planned a used toy shop before Christmas where students could purchase toys for their loved ones for a minimum charge of $0.25. The community generously donated many items and total sales were $294.45. Staff and students were generous to this cause and we will use proceeds to purchase Better Together t-shirts to dress the remainder of our school as well as community members to improve sense of belonging. 


Annual Christmas Community Meal

This year, the 2023 Kelliher School Graduates prepared and served our Annual Christmas meal. From ticket sales to the community, the grads raised $728.89 to use towards their Graduation Ceremony. 


Tiber River Fundraiser

Kelliher School has a Sr. Boys Basketball team for the first time in many years. With a new program, we noticed an area of need -- a shot clock for our gymnasium. Leslie Steinhubl generously organized this fundraiser for the kids and donated 100% of her commissions back to the school for a grand total of $722.82! Unfortunately, this company went into receivership.  Families who ordered product received their goods, but the school did not receive any of their profits from the fundraiser.While this situation was disappointing, we were met with amazing generosity from a supportive network of small businesses, and community members. Special thank you to Jerry Konecsni (Silver Icing), Lisa Serdachny & Family (Silver Icing), Joanne Brennan (Epicure), Jenna Szigli (NuSkin), Patricia Webster (Scentsy), Gillian Mills (Tupperware), Chief Jamie Wolfe & Muskowewan Health Care Centre and Emily Pambrun for your generous donations. We received a total of $4024.00!  We were able to meet our target of $1218.00 to pay for the shot clock. The additional funds we have received will not only go towards continuing to support the basketball team but will also be used to support all extra-curricular programming for all students in our school.


Drama Silver Collection 

Kelliher School Jr. Drama ran a Silver Collection on the night of their community performance. They raised $364.60. These funds will be used to continue to support the Drama club in our school! Thank you for your support.  


Outdoor Education Canoe Trip Fundraising 

Our Outdoor Education Practical and Applied Arts Students fundraised throughout the spring to support their trip to Echo Valley for a canoe trip in June! They ran a Supper in the Field in May where they sold hoagies to those in the community looking for a supper break during a busy seeding season. For this fundraiser they raised $115.00. Later in the spring, they also ran a taco-in-a-bag fundraiser, offering the community a meal over the lunch hour and running the canteen for Run, Jump Throw Day. For this fundraiser, they made $533.00. Thank you to the community for the support! 


2021-2022 School Year


Community Wide Garage Sale

Kelliher School hosted the community wide garage sale on May 28, 2022. We rented out tables to rural community members so that they could participate, and sold old community storage items. We raised $290.25 at this fundraiser. These proceeds are going towards year end activities and BBQs for students. Thank you for your support!

SLC Dance

On May 6th, the SLC put on a dance for Grades 7-12 students. They raised $199.00 to go towards year end activities!

March into Spring Smorg Fundraiser

Kelliher students ran our Annual Spring Smorg on March 17th with proceeds going to the Regina NICU Z99 Radiothon.  We raised $1105.00. The proceeds were put towards a Jet Ventilator for the most premature babies. Thank you for your support.

Qu'Appelle Haven Pink Shirt Day Fundraiser

This year for Pink Shirt Day on February 16th,  we sold goods and special personal party platters as a fundraiser for the Qu'Appelle Haven Women's Centre. In total, we donated $250.00 to this special cause. 

Candy Grams

This Christmas season, our SLC sold Candy Grams in the month of December to fundraise for their activities around Pink Shirt Day and Family Literacy Week. They sold $67.82 in Candy Grams!

Dessert Sales

During the months of November and December, students in Life Skills classes made home-made desserts to sell at the canteen to fund a new TV for our student lounge and community room. This TV is used to support gross motor development for some of our students with the Wii Fit system or to support community room programming. We raised $360.75 of which we spent completely on a new 42" Samsung for the space to replace our old 18" TV. 

Christmas Dinner Fundraiser

Our 2022 Grads and our Commercial Cooking 20/30 class opened up our Annual Traditional Christmas Meal to our community members this year, selling Christmas Dinner plates for $10 on December 15th. They raised $430.00 towards their graduation ceremony! 

Jack Links Grad Fundraiser

Our graduating class of 2022 fundraised for their ceremony by selling Jack Links Beef Jerky! They raised $390.80 towards their ceremony and the replacement of the Kelliher Grad Arch.

SLC Haunted House

Due to COVID-19, the SLC cancelled their haunted house fundraiser that was set to run during the Kelliher Trade Show. We hope to put on this fun event next year!

Terry Fox Run

Kelliher Students collected $941.00 in pledges to be donated to the Terry Fox Foundation. Thank you to all who fundraised for this worthy cause.

Phys. Ed 20/30 Field Trip Fundraiser

The Phys. Ed 20/30 class set up a booth at the Farmer's Market this year, selling Taco in a Bag and cupcakes to raise funds for a Fitness Themed excursion to play Walleyball and go swimming. They raised $543.40. Thank you to everyone who supported their booth

Little Caesar's Pizza Fundraiser

Our Little Ceasar's Pizza Fundraiser made $1164.00. Proceeds from this fundraiser are going towards our Tree Project in our Playscape and Community Garden!

2020-2021 School Year


Kelliher School Playscape and Community Garden


Little Caesar's Pizza Fundraiser

The Little Caesar's Pizza Fundraiser was a great success!  The profit was $1655.00 which will be used to fund our Community Garden Beds.  Thanks for your support!


Fall Frenzy Raffle

Thanks to the Kelliher Recreation Board for conducting the November Fall Frenzy Cash Raffle with the profits being donated to the Kelliher School Playscape project.  The total profit from this raffle was $4870.00! Thanks Kelliher Recreation Board, who also gave the project a $2000.00 donation!!


Spring Fever Raffle

Thank you again to the Kelliher Recreation Board for conducting another fun Raffle in the spring! Four prizes were raffled off for a grand total of $4687.50 which was donated in full to our Playscape Project!


Grad Fundraiser


The grads hosted a very successful Growing Smiles Fundraiser, selling holiday Poinsettias, Planters and Wreaths.  Money raised will go towards graduation expenses such as decorations etc.  The fundraiser realized a profit of $956.60!  Thank you for your support!!

2019-2020 School Year

Drama Club

The Drama Club is raising funds to attend Regional and Provincial Drama Competitions.  To date the club has catered the Community Remembrance Day Dinner on November 11, 2019 where they realized a profit of $893.48.


The grade 12s raised $1377.60 in their beef jerky sale for grad. Thanks to all who supported us, and those who will support us in the future!

2018-2019 School Year

Drama Club

The Drama Club is currently raising funds for Regional Drama Competition.  To date the club has earned $100 by setting up and taking down chairs and tables for a hall function.  The Drama Club catered supper at the Trade Show on October 27.  They reliazed a profit of $518.80 with this fundraiser.  The Remembrance Day Dinner made the club a profit of $1298.48!


Our elementary students sold  Grey Cup Pool raffle tickets this fall.  The money raised will fund their year end trip.  This fundraiser realized a profit of $750.00!

Food Studies 20/30

The Food Studies 20/30 class held a Halloween Bake sale to raise funds to help out with their trip to Agribition.  The sale raised $50 in profits.


The grade 12s have completed the first phase of their Jack Links fundraiser for grad.  So far we have earned $578.55, but because we had to order complete cases, we will still be continuing to sell sticks and bags of beef jerky.  When the sale is fully complete, we should have earned $956.55.Thanks to all who supported our sale!

Grade 8 & 9

The Grade 8 & 9 classes hosted a special fundraiser recently - they decorated and sold sugar cookies with the goal of raising $150.00 so they could purchase a tree for the Highway of Heroes, which honours Veterans.  The group is happy to report that they have met that goal and the tree will be planted this coming spring!

Kelliher School Playscape and Community Garden

Fundraising for Kelliher School's Playscape Project so far - Gift Card Raffle - has made a profit of $804.05!


* Terry Fox Walk - Kelliher School students and staff raised $1181.00 for Cancer Research while participating in the Terry Fox School Run/Walk!* Hot Lunch - The SLC Taco in a Bag Lunch made $78.99 profit!  The funds will be used towards the purchase of House Team T-Shirts.

Spring Smorg

This year the Spring Smorg made a profit of $1115.48.  Money raised through this fundraiser supports activities for the students including a Ski Trip for grades 4 to 12 and a gymnastics trip for grades K to 3.


The yearbook club's First Aid Kit Fundraiser is now complete, and has earned a profit of $926.50!  The money will be used to help produce this year's yearbook.